Happy Endings

Are You Wishing for a Happy Ending?

The story Stupid Shit Your Uncle Did: Three Letters to an Unborn Girl is here. Will it be a happy ending? I suspect that will depend on your definition of ‘happy ending’.

Let’s start back at the beginning. Let’s go to the feeling of a sunrise. Return to the feeling of starting new and fresh. When I think about endings, I can’t discount the fresh beginnings.

I’ve had plenty of happy endings. With Tina and Tonya and Samantha. In the back seat of my car, in the family changing room at a football game, during the middle of a concert. Yeah, those are my uncle J. happy ending stories. All memorable. All happy. The thing is, the story didn’t end right there. The story keeps on going.

What I’m saying is there is no ‘ending’ to most stories, just a convenient place to put the pen down. Your life’s story doesn’t end just because you turned to the last page in a book. There isn’t a last page in your story. It keeps going and it’s up to you to find happiness all the way through.

As this story builds, I think you will find happiness along the way. I don’t know if the ending to this story will fit your personal definition of ‘happy’. It isn’t meant to be easy or simple or painless. However, I do know that if you look for happiness along the way, you will find it.

WTF Is This?

This is a weekly reading of an unpublished novel titled Stupid Shit Your Uncle Did: Three Letters to an Unborn Girl. It’s a story of confession & advice from my struggles & successes as a young entrepreneur. When I found out I would be becoming an uncle, I sat down and wrote three letters to my soon-to-be niece.

Stupid Shit Your Uncle Did is the story behind those letters.

It’s funny & crude but it’s practical & pragmatic. It can be foul at times because it’s always honest. The situations are actionable.

It’s not talking at you. It’s a story told for you. It’s a story lived with you.

Because I am you. I am your success and I am your self-doubt. I am your ideas and longing and wanting. I am your need to create and your pride in those creations. I have lived it. I have learned from it.

I don’t know it all.

I don’t have any fucking answers, that’s for sure.

But I am there for you. And I am there with you.

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Thank you. I am grateful for you.


– Uncle J.