Hi, I’m J. Theorem Mays.

I am best friends with failure. I made every mistake as I founded my tech startup.

When I learned I would be becoming an uncle, I was inspired to write three letters to my soon-to-be niece. Not about my company but about what I’ve learned in life.

Advice. Admission. Acceptance.

This is the full story behind those three letters → Stupid Shit Your Uncle Did: Three Letters to an Unborn Girl

Do you really want to go face-to-face with your most embarrassing faults? Do you really want to deal with your shortcomings head-on? It isn’t easy, but it’s the most powerful way for personal growth.

I don’t have the answers, but I can share my wisdom of starting a business in this entertaining narrative. It’s actionable. It’s controversial. It’s real. From drunken love to blown business opportunities, I’ve been there.

The mistakes we make make us who we are, and the biggest mistake you can ever make is thinking you’re done with making them.

Join me in growing from our faults and finding daily happiness in our journey.


-Uncle J.